Partnership and Marketing Information

The WAVBC represents its partners and members’ interests in trade and investment circles in both Western Australia and Vietnam. This is achieved through participation in conferences and forums plus regularly meeting business associations and business leaders. The results of these meetings are communicated to members via the WAVBC website.

WAVBC members can strengthen their market knowledge through up-to-date information and business networking within Western Australia and Vietnam. There exist an opportunity to belong to a proactive business community with significant knowledge and contacts across a wide range of business sectors.


Moving with the times the WAVBC sees a Partnership as the opportunity to cooperate and advance mutual interest rather than the more traditional expectation whereby the term Sponsorship is aligned with marketing objectives only.

Presidents Dinner

The WAVBC aims to conduct two formal Presidents Dinners every year in Perth and are each limited to twenty invited persons. Each Presidents Dinner features a topical keynote speaker (30 minutes), and a short presentation from the respective dinner’s partnership supporter. Duration two hours and includes a three-course dinner & beverage. Cost $120 per person.

Perth Event

The WAVBC aims to conduct four Perth events every year and averages fifty-two attendees per event. Each Perth event has a trade, investment or cultural theme and includes a guest presenter (30 minutes), partnership presenter (10 minutes) and ends with forty-five minutes of networking. Includes Food & Beverage. Online registration required. Members $15 / Non-Members $25

Social Networking Evening

The WAVBC aims to conduct six Perth Social Networking Evenings every year and too date average thirty-eight attendees per evening. With a duration of two hours these evenings encourage social networking amongst ‘likeminded people’ and includes a short business summary from the respective partnership presenter (10 minutes). Includes Food only (Bar available) and online registration required – Members Free / Non-Members $15.

International ‘Shop Window’ Event

The WAVBC aims to conduct one ‘International ‘Shop Window’ event in Ho Chi Minh City every year. Held at a suitable venue in District 1 this event will provide the opportunity for a maximum of four WA companies to promote their products / services to local Vietnamese businesses. Duration two hours and includes Food & Beverage.

Ambassador Partnership

The WAVBC as two Vietnamese Ambassadors who are based in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi. Their purpose is to help the WAVBC build new networks in Vietnam and provide relevant information to the WAVBC Committee and members. An Ambassador Partnership contributes towards the cost of services provided by the Ambassadors.