WAVBC President, David Morgan & AVBC Laurence Strano, President meet in Sydney for future cooperation

The West Australian Vietnam Business Council (WAVBC) promotes and supports the development of bilateral trade and investment between Australia and Vietnam. We are proud to have a pivotal function in providing invaluable business and cultural support to our members’ by encouraging cultural exchanges between the business communities of Western Australia and Vietnam.

The WAVBC actively co-ordinates an annual program of business seminars, networking, and social functions within Western Australia.

Laurence Strano (AVBC President) meets David Morgan (WAVBC President)

WAVBC President David Morgan was in Sydney recently and caught with Australian Vietnam Business Council (AVBC) President Laurence Strano. The AVBC has been in existence for over twenty years and has a strong membership base that includes many of Australia’s leading corporate companies. David provided Laurence with an update of the recent WAVBC progress in restablishing the WAVBC in Western Australia and discussion took place about how the two councils could work together in the future to meet our joint objectives of providing value to our members and sponsors. Laurence advised that he is well advanced on establishing a new Vietnam Business Council in Queensland over the coming months which will add to our national presence.