WA Commissioner Attends WAVBC Networking Event

The WAVBC recently held its June ‘Social Networking Evening’ at Bar 138 in
Perth. It was a good turnout especially considering that World Cup soccer
and AFL games were being played that same evening. Great to see John Catlin
the Singapore based WA Commissioner (Overseas Offices, International Trade &
Investment) attend the evening.

David Morgan (WAVBC President), John Catlin (WA Commissioner) & Hugh Collin
(WAVBC Vice President)

Change to WAVBC Membership Period

The WAVBC committee recently adjusted the WAVBC membership period from July 1st – 30th June to 1st January – 31st December. President David Morgan explains the rationale:

“The original membership period was aligned with the financial year and the committee thought it did not help us to attract new members as most of our activities and events are between March and November each year.

This will mean that for this year’s current financial members they will have the option to renew their memberships for either six months or eighteen months. For this year only new members will pay prorata depending when they join.”


The WAVBC recently held its Annual General Meeting in Perth. All committee members renominated successfully plus two members Ms Van Collin and Ms Chau Huynh joined the 2018 committee. Mr Hugh Collin accepted a Vice president role. Below is a the Presidents Report.